Ziex Ze97

The ZE914 EcoRun is the latest edition to the ZIEX family of tires, and Falken's first Passenger Car tire under the EcoRun badge. The EcoRun badge is reserved for Falken tires developed with optimized fuel efficiency. Tests have shown the ZIEX ZE914 EcoRun has 20% less rolling resistance than the ZIEX ZE912.

"As a Summer Eco Tire, the ZIEX ZE914 EcoRun strikes a perfect balance of fuel efficiency without compromising performance." says Andrew Hoit, VP of Marketing at Falken Tire. "This tire is great for people who want to increase their fuel efficiency without sacrificing dry traction performance."

Technology that can be found in the Ziex ZE914 EcoRun include:

  • Falken's PCR LRR (Low Rolling Resistance) Compound technology is engineered to maximize fuel efficiency. The PCR LRR compound allows the tire to roll using less energy than a conventional tire would in the same distance. This translates into savings at the gas pump, as the tire requires less fuel to maintain it's momentum.
  • A Silica Enriched Compound along with 4 circumferential grooves and an asymmetric tread pattern allows for hydroplane resistance for maximum wet traction.
  • Optimized Slot and Sipe placement maintains tread block rigidity in some places, while providing softness in others . In essence, the tread is designed for optimal comfort and handling.

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