Tyre Insurance

Road Hazard Tyre Insurance

A new set of tyres is an investment worth protecting, For only $15.00 per tyre you will receive:

Free Puncture Repairs

Any repairable puncture will be repaired free of charge for the legal life of the tyre.

Free Tyre Replacement

If the tyre is unrepairable, we will fit a replacement and you will pay nothing within the first 12 months or 15,000km (whatever comes first)

Free Tyre Rotations

Rotating your tyres can extend their life cycle by up to 20% - for the life of your tyres you will receive free rotations on tyres purchased with Road Hazard Tyre Insurance

Free Wheel Alignment Check

In NZ it is recommended you do a wheel alignment every ten to fifteen thousand kilometers – we will check your vehicles wheel alignment free of charge, this will ensure you are not paying for the service unless it is necessary.

Lifetime Protection

For the remaining legal tread life of the tyre (after 12 months or 15,000km), if a tyre is unrepairable you will only pay for the tread that has been used. For example; if only 10% of the tread has been used, you will pay 10% of the tyres current value to replace it.

Road Hazard Tyre Insurance does not apply on: Vandalism, accidents involving another vehicle, fire, motor racing, incorrect wheel alignment. Operating a tyre with insufficient air pressure, tyres that have been run flat

Important: To claim your Foxx Road Hazard Tyre Insurance, please ensure you retain proof of purchase.

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