Kumho Kl33 Crugen

CRUGEN is the all-new premium SUV offering high quality comfort and optimum steering stability in on-road conditions.

Superb handling and excellent all-season performance make it a perfect upgrade for crossovers and light SUVs, and a natural choice for luxury vehicles.

  • Wide, rounded shoulders create a soft contact edge with the road for taut, responsive steering and an exceptional highway feel.
  • Deep sipes and a large contact area yield dramatic gains in grip and handling, and exceptional all-season performance.
  • Symmetric, variable-pitch tread minimizes road harmonics and rolling resistance for a smooth, quiet, comfortable ride.
  • Advanced compound is engineered to disperse heat for longer tread life and excellent traction in the rain and snow.
  • Sidewalls are designed to complement the styling of late-model crossovers and SUVs.
  • Includes a rim protector molded into the sidewall to help protect wheels from curb damage

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