MT51 Road Venture M/T

With its aggressive off road design, the Road Venture MT51 also nicely balances with on-road performance. Ideal for those drivers who love getting off road, the MT51 loves rocky roads and mountain climbing. With improved traction performance the MT51 has a zigzag design that allows for better stone and mud rejection.

Tested in the harsh Australian outback across various terrains the MT51 offers an excellent driving experience, on or off road and is ideal for the adventurous SUV & 4x4 driver. The MT51 has also recently received a Red Dot Award in product design, giving Kumho Tyre the prestigous honour of being the first Korean tyre manufacturer to attain this incredible feat for five years running, proving its competitiveness in tyre design.

  • Improved on-road driving performance
  • Stone ejector and mud cleaning performance
  • On-off road balancing performance improvement - Aggressive block & dual pitch applied for mud, rock crawling & on-road performance
  • Durability improvement - Prevention of crack, cut & chip, stone drilling
  • Triple level height block improves its stiffness
  • Zigzag groove, notching shoulder reduces damage, off road traction up
  • Stone reject bar & under groove decoration improves stones & mud rejection

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Light Truck
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