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  • 50 km/h or 65 km/h approved
  • Excellent mileage and durability
  • More lug contact on the ground for enhanced traction
  • Deep lugs and unique anti-wear tread compound for extended tyre life
  • Comfortable on-road driving and serious off-road traction
  • Good self-cleaning properties due to specially angled lugs
  • Round shoulders for superior protection of grass & enhancing crop yield

“I have always run Michelin on my tractors and I still have very high regard for the Michelin brand. When I made the decision to switch to Tianli I must say I was a little worried. However, I can honestly say I would now endorse the Tianli product. They ride very well on the road with no ‘bouncing’ and when they get in the paddock they have traction plus some! When you look at the cost saving and look at the results the Tianli consistently deliver, I’m 100%convinced I made the right choice.” Sam Newman, Newman Contracting Ltd.

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