SWAP’n’GO® 9kg Gas Bottle

SWAP’n’GO® is Fast, Safe and Easy, Swap any 9kg gas bottle* at your local Gas & Tyre – Waipapa, Whangarei and Dargaville

  • No waiting to have your 9kg gas bottle refilled
  • With our gas bottle swap refills, you get a fresh cylinder every time
  • The 9kg gas bottle is yours to keep
  • You can swap any brand of 9kg BBQ cylinder at SWAP’n’GO®.
  • Receive an inspected, tested and safely filled cylinder.
  • You never have to worry about checking test dates, SWAP’n’GO® cylinders are always in date.

*All gas bottles must meet certain safety standards.  

How does SWAP’n’GO® gas bottle swap work?

  1. Take your empty 9kg gas bottle to the cashier for checking and payment.
  2. The cashier will swap your empty gas bottle for a full one from the SWAP’n’GO® storage cage.

Make sure the full bottle you receive has the yellow SWAP’n’GO® seal around the neck so you know that it has been checked for safety.

What gas bottles can be swapped?

  • You can swap any brand of 9kg gas bottle.
  • If you don’t have a bottle, you can buy one.
  • You can swap a gas bottle which is overdue for testing
  • All gas bottles must meet certain NZ safety standards, otherwise you will be required to purchase a replacement bottle.

Refer to the Bottle Checklist below to see if your gas bottle is acceptable.

For more information call your local branch today or free phone 0800 788288

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